Friday, November 7, 2008

First Post!

Ever imagined how Louis Armstrong felt when he first stepped onto the Moon?
the top of the world feeling of Sir Edmund Hillary when he was first to conquer Mt. Everest?

well, now I know!
for I am the first to post on Rojak Davis!!

which I thought would be named Davis Rojak?


Ris said...

It is Davis Rojak. I think u need to get your eyes checked XD

nixcoo said...

lol. tat was not wat i expected.
but i have to say, beautiful job.
i like it already.

HainanBoy said...

wa like that also guys changed it after I bagi the komen!

but at least it's changed. good job.

MissNoMoney said...

I am so happy the Malaysians have a blog to represent them:)

masmuni said...


-oh damn I miss you guys-