Saturday, November 29, 2008

How slim is your turkey now?

So for fun, let's have a post where we brag on how much we spent (or save) over Thanksgiving weekend sales, and where we went shopping or how early.

*this can help our Education Ministry gauge how good is their financial assistance*
*also to check who's still reading this blog!*
*you can respond either by editing this post or commenting*
*don't slap me for lameness-factor*

Yao Hua (8am train to SF)
$15--ZARA polo tee
$40--ZARA slim cut jeans (dark olive green)
total--$55 !


DJ Flea said...


$0 in total
(Saving for a turntable)

kaarbuncle said...

lasagna 40++
coach bag + wallet 260++
GAP (don't want to tell what i bought..faris diam) 20++
Total spent = 320++ = no shopping for the next 3 months or 5 months

HainanBoy said...

kaarbuncle: tell me if your GAP briefs are comfortable!

kaarbuncle said...

i didnt buy brief yh......

Anonymous said...

i think khalis bought thongs

Husband n wife said...

Farina n Jai

Turkey 40
Coach handbags 250
Levi's (3 jeans+2 sweater+1 belt+1 glove) 150
Rue 21 (trench coat+boot) 40++

Total 480++ = Winter break duduk rumah, no money to jalan2....

Adilla said...

I was about to brag on how little I shopped, but then I remembered what I bought yesterday...

H&M 3 shirts + bracelet = $36 (cheap!)
Aldo necklace + ring = $9
Car gas = $19
Parking at SF = $22 (-$5)
Toll = $4
PS3 game = $60
Sony big item = $500

Grand total = $645++
= Winter break hibernate at home with PS3 or be nerdy in lab

masmuni said...

you beli ape adilla? tv?

kaarbuncle said...

bapak peliknye klu aku beli thong time faris ade.......=_=;;;

Anonymous said...

khalis beli juniors stuff!!

Ris said...

Sweater(etnies) - $22
Winter coat (guess) - 37
wallet - 15(x bayar jai lagi XD)

n when i thought that that was it I realized that i bought more stuff after that!

ps3 games - $100++ T_T
fruit juicer - $67
vans shoe - $60
guitar (rock band) - $5

So total....kira sendiri! ak x sanggup tgk =.=

Aliaa said...

Old Navy(3 tops): $22
In-n-Out (milkshake & fries): $3
Spending an afternoon relaxing @ Barnes & Noble's: Priceless

Total: $25 :)