Thursday, November 13, 2008


I tried adding metatags to our blog so that it would show up in search engines whenever people search for certain words that has to do with our blog. But, it does not work i don't know why.

here is what I added in the HTML page,

meta content='Malaysian Student Association in University of California, Davis website. Information on events,activities and updates of Malaysian Undergraduate and Graduate students.' name='description'/
meta content='MASA, UCD, Malaysian, Student, Association, MSA, University of California, Davis, USA, Malaysia,' name='keywords'/
meta content='Wan Wan' name='author'/

Anybody can detect any cacat in there?
btw, i didnt type (<) and (>) on the HTML coz blogger wont let me.

I'll try to do something with the "Misc./Love" folder that you guys want later.
I also notified Kak Mit about the existence of this blog.

DJ Flea

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