Friday, November 14, 2008

on increasing blog site traffic

so as instructed by our president Mr.Long, I did some research into meta tags and stuff.

Apparently meta tags as a tool to increase search engine visibility is a thing of the 90s. It came about when search engines like Alta Vista looked at meta tags in the HTML to infer what the site's about and thus make it most relevant to searchers. But abuse by webmasters have caused most, if not all search engines to ignore meta tags now. Google certainly ignores it...unless you use the meta tag to dictate some linking behaviour of Google..but that's not the point here.

in short, I have given up on using meta tags. As to why our beloved blog written by that one super writer is not on the first page of Google search, there are several reasons. Let me be lazy and plagiarise another website ( :

You have to get the search engines involved, but you won't get listed by them, automatically. You have to do some work, let them know that you're there, that you want to be listed, and that you are worthy of being listed.

1) Get your friends to link to your blog, where your blog is relevant.
2) Participate in forums, where your blog is relevant, and include the
3) Comment on other blogs, in relevant comments, and include the URL.
4) Put relevant and useful content in your blog.
5) Some search engines may index your blog using the site feed. Be
sure to activate the feed.
6) When you have done all of the above, your blog will have some
weight. Submit your blog to the search engines, for indexing.
7) Post frequently, and keep the content of your blog moving.

None of this happens overnight. Search engines can take months to
index your blog fully. And even when indexed, don't expect for a
search to some key element in your blog to give you an entry on the
first page of the search hits.

I have completed step 4 & 6 above. Our blog has been submitted to Google for indexing (though the stats aren't available yet) and the site feed has been submitted too but pending.

So unless I find further info, the best we can do is to post banyak banyak, and link to this blog from other sites, like your own blogs etc.

GOOD NEWS: try googling for davisrojak

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~aliaa~ said...

yayyy...dah jumpe on google! :D