Sunday, November 23, 2008

Somebody please make this Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang

Rice Ingredients

3 cups of beras lembut (or 2 cups Siam Special and 1 cup glutinous rice) – washed and soaked for about half an hour and drained well

3cm ginger – julienned

2 cloves garlic – julienned

6 shallots – thinly sliced

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (halba seeds)

1 tablespoon cooking oil

2 cups thin coconut milk

1 cup coconut cream

Salt to taste

1 dessertspoon sugar (optional)


Heat the cooking oil in a pan and saute the shallots, fenugreek seeds, garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add the rice and salt and fry until the rice is well coated and turns a little white. Quickly pour the contents of the pan into the rice cooker, add the coconut milk and stir the cream and let it cook. When done, turn off the cooker, put the rice in a tray, sprinkle with a little sugar, if desired, and steam for another 10 minutes.


Adilla said...

Hahaha real nasi dagang needs beras from Kelantan. Even the ones you can get in KL isn't good enough.

kaarbuncle said...

u only make the nasi but thats not enaffff
u also need the lauk maaaa

DJ Flea said...

waaa...try la buat...i'll try the food.haha!

HainanBoy said...

so apparently there are 3 types of nasi dagang.
nasi dagang kelantan
nasi dagang terengganu
nasi dagang pahang

from The Star--Metro section:
"Nasi Dagang Terengganu and Pahang are both the white version in which Thai rice is mixed with glutinous rice, while the Kelantan version is the red speckled rice which is actually a wild rice variety known as beras lembut."

I have tried nasi dagang first in Kelantan then in Terengganu and loved both. Don't remember having it in KL though. Regardless, somebody give it a try...before I do and do such a good job at it and put you all to shame~

Adilla said...

Hahaha in my humble opinion, nasi dagang Kelantan > nasi dagang Terengganu. The Terengganu one is weird and sweet. But then again, I've never eaten the Terengganu one home-cooked.

What I mean in my last post was the beras lembut (the red-speckled one) sold in KL isn't as good.

The steaming part of the rice is the mafan part. And the lauk macam susah je? Like a special kind of gulai. I can ask my mom la, but she'll also probably think it would be difficult to make here XD.

kaarbuncle said...

for the lauk, we need to use ikan tongkol
where can find??
*act, can find at "giant" if im not mistaken
but not fresh anymore~~

Yoong said...

I have eaten the Terengganu nasi dagang (home made). It is sweet. Khalis, maybe you can find ikan tongkol kat SF. hehehehhe!

mUn said...

omg this is making me so hungry

Jai said...

There is ikan tongkol at SF supermarket kalau x de tongkol kayu pun boleh apa...