Sunday, December 21, 2008

current bleak state of Malaysian security

hey guys,

a close friend of mine in KL just got robbed outside her house. Two men trapped her from behind and in the ensuing struggle (she struggled I think) the knife slashed a wound 2-3 inches on her face from jaw up. She's through operation and her condition is stable, but as the wound was apparently deep enough to expose her bone, I can only hope that there are no further complicating issues, physically.

psychologically, who knows how long the fear will haunt her?

and just 2 weeks ago my mom got robbed in broad daylight outside my house. Luckily she wasn't hurt. Again, they had a knife too.

what's the purpose my post here?

just to point out that Malaysia is terribly unsafe now, at least in the urban areas, and we cannot afford to neglect that horrible truth even while we are relaxing here in the relatively comfortable and serene town of Davis.
when we don't have no respect and confidence in our police,
when we doubt the sincerity and of course, the wisdom of our leaders,
when we who are supposed to be masters of our own country are afraid to walk our own alleys,
we should realise that somethings are very very wrong.
and as young and promising Malaysians,
we cannot just sit back and hope that things will turn out better...naturally,
or hide somewhere and ignore the issues that affect our friends and family back home.
we must do something.
and whatever that something may be,
it certainly start with each one of us being more attentive,
more aware of what's happening,
more critical of what's going on.
form your own opinions, test the actions and words of others (esp. our great leaders!),
and when the time comes for action to be taken,
don't step back.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

stay tune for get-together events over Winter Break 2008

in response to Farina's question on the chat board------------->

let's use this space here to plan some of our get-togethers during the winter break. Most of us would be gone after the 20th, with some leaving even before that.
Some of us however, will be enjoying Davis until New Year (yippee!).

want to do something other than reading papers and writing applications? speak up!

I would say the following:
1. board games are fine with me...just arrange a time & venue. Perhaps Adilla should get her long-mentioned House on the Haunting Hill (or whatever the name was) to instill some freshness into our games (or I can go get the expansion pack for Shadow Hunters? haha)
2. sports lagi fine with me.
3. RockBand is boring.

Monday, December 1, 2008

sometimes our Sultans are way brighter than our politicians~

read this from The Star: Sultan: Don't harp on the trivial.

Although The Star certainly isn't a neutral news medium, let's safely assume that this report was unbiased...then in which case I am so much prouder of Selangor's monarchy than ever before! His Royal Highness Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah certainly said things that I was glad (and very eager) to hear...especially his response when asked

Q:What is your birthday wish?
A:There is a need for more common sense. I hope the politicians will take note of this. If you have a degree from Oxford or Cambridge, it does not mean you have common sense and I have to stress that common sense is important.

HAhaha...I wonder who our Sultan was referring to? ROFL.