Sunday, December 21, 2008

current bleak state of Malaysian security

hey guys,

a close friend of mine in KL just got robbed outside her house. Two men trapped her from behind and in the ensuing struggle (she struggled I think) the knife slashed a wound 2-3 inches on her face from jaw up. She's through operation and her condition is stable, but as the wound was apparently deep enough to expose her bone, I can only hope that there are no further complicating issues, physically.

psychologically, who knows how long the fear will haunt her?

and just 2 weeks ago my mom got robbed in broad daylight outside my house. Luckily she wasn't hurt. Again, they had a knife too.

what's the purpose my post here?

just to point out that Malaysia is terribly unsafe now, at least in the urban areas, and we cannot afford to neglect that horrible truth even while we are relaxing here in the relatively comfortable and serene town of Davis.
when we don't have no respect and confidence in our police,
when we doubt the sincerity and of course, the wisdom of our leaders,
when we who are supposed to be masters of our own country are afraid to walk our own alleys,
we should realise that somethings are very very wrong.
and as young and promising Malaysians,
we cannot just sit back and hope that things will turn out better...naturally,
or hide somewhere and ignore the issues that affect our friends and family back home.
we must do something.
and whatever that something may be,
it certainly start with each one of us being more attentive,
more aware of what's happening,
more critical of what's going on.
form your own opinions, test the actions and words of others (esp. our great leaders!),
and when the time comes for action to be taken,
don't step back.


Aliaa said...

i think i'm more scared to walk around in m'sia than in davis or l.a. or something like that. but there might be that lack of familiarity thing too adding to the fear.

we'll have to see what happens when i move back.

kaarbuncle said...

aiyoo yh
aldo its so late for me to say anything
what a scary experience
n i agree la
msia is not safe nowadays