Monday, December 1, 2008

sometimes our Sultans are way brighter than our politicians~

read this from The Star: Sultan: Don't harp on the trivial.

Although The Star certainly isn't a neutral news medium, let's safely assume that this report was unbiased...then in which case I am so much prouder of Selangor's monarchy than ever before! His Royal Highness Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah certainly said things that I was glad (and very eager) to hear...especially his response when asked

Q:What is your birthday wish?
A:There is a need for more common sense. I hope the politicians will take note of this. If you have a degree from Oxford or Cambridge, it does not mean you have common sense and I have to stress that common sense is important.

HAhaha...I wonder who our Sultan was referring to? ROFL.


Adilla said...

OMG! My friend just showed the article to me like 10 seconds ago! And I told her the same thing - I'm so proud of my Sultan! XD

kaarbuncle said...

My sultan jugak ke??
*born in melaka but live in selangor...boleh laaaa
well, im proud to be a Malaysian!!

pushie said...


rukunegara #2:

kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara