Monday, January 19, 2009

Davis Rojak has a new look!

Thanks to Faris and Khalis (and me chipping here and there <-- nak jugak credit HAHA), our blog has received a significant upgrade in the aesthetics department.

Not only is it prettier, it is also more patriotic now!

The birds in the banner represent the four colors of our national flag: blue, yellow, red and white.
Blue represents unity;
Yellow represents royalty;
Red represents bravery;
And white represents purity.

And the birds themselves represent the free spirit that each Malaysian embodies withi-- haha just kidding - I just made that up.

Anyway, the birds, the tree and the swirly thing are strictly for design purposes. Just wanted to bring that up, because we were thinking it could potentially be misunderstood that the birds were for Animal Biotech people, the tree for Plant Biotech people and the swirly thing could be a flagellum to represent the Microbe Biotech people. Hahahahahahahaha! No lah, we know there are engineers (and a vet, landscape architect, chemist, etc!) among us :).


Khalis Afnan Abdul Rahman said...

Nnt kang aliaa xpasal2 je smgt engineering die
we all berhempas-pulas nk siapkan
but it was fun too
since i got to learn how to use adobe!

Yoong said...

Nicely done guys!!! Thanks=)

DJ Flea said...

"nicely done"

tu cam fakhirah punye je.hehe...

oh well.good job.ape kate kite ltak lagu sket nak x?ke dah xprofessional dah kalo letak lagu?

Adilla said...

Takyah lagu la ... I hate blogs that have songs. Nanti jadi annoying.

~aliaa~ said...

no comment. LOL. good job on the design anyway!

masmuni said...

i setuju dgn adilla, plg menyampah klu die letak lagu yg xbest, sakit telinga @_@

DJ Flea said...

xtau plak akoo orang menyampah dgn lagu kebangsaan. ;p

haha. jk2.

masmuni said...

u xcakap pun u nak letak lagu kebangsaan awal2 kan iqra, saje nak cari gado ahahahhaa

-i bayangkan u nak letak lagu trance, omg pening kepala i nanti-

Adilla said...

Yeah I thought he was gonna suggest trance music. Ew. Haha.

Anyway, even if it's lagu kebangsaan, it's still REALLY weird. Macam tak kena tempat. Lagi-lagi kalau Negaraku - I don't think it's appropriate at all.

Farah said...

this is an awesome blog skin!

nixcoo said...

Seriously smart~
I just come to this blog to marvel at the banner.. haha
but it was an awesome job! good work! :D

HainanBoy said...

the banner looks great,

but smells of Apple design.

looks great, so maybe that's why it reminds me of Apple...looks good aje, which is exactly what we want the banner for.

wa, that 4th guy from the left...really...tak tahan, so kacak. tsk tsk.