Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its 2009; What's your resolutions?

Hello peeps,

I know Yao Hua mentioned how we have inactive authors for this blog (such as myself), so I decided to randomly blog a post on and about the new year...

So yes, we have stepped into the new year by 10 days already... and today, as I was looking at some Youtube videos, I realized that I haven't made any resolutions for the new year. I never really believe in new year's resolutions, or even the fact that a new year gives a new beginning. It's not because I am a pessimist, but because I believe that every new moment or day or hour can be a new fresh start. Anytime one wants it to be.

So here I am, wondering why would people celebrate new year's anyway. I always take advantage of the night of New Year's eve as a night to let loose and be joyful and enjoy some good fireworks. But I guess the society likes to celebrate the new year because it is generally an "appropriate" time for change. And what better way to change than to change together with your closed ones?

So, I had this inkling (after watching the Youtube videos) that it actually might be good and fun to make a fresh start and create resolutions... and share them. Hahaha. Hopefully, it'll inspire those who haven't made resolutions to make them, and to support those who have made them (giving them comfort that they're not the only ones in the boat) and to entertain those who comes to this blog for a good laugh or a good reason to blackmail me. Hoho~

So here goes, a part of me, and my resolutions:

1) To be more brave at applying for a job or internship. I get stuck and become very, very nervous at applying for those, or even writing a resume - like those who are scared of public talking get stage fright. I get... erm, application-terrified?

2) To write more in this blog, so that it keeps the Malaysians together in sharing thoughts, random rambles and other stuff. (And giving Yao Hua a small relief). Btw, it doesn't mean I'm going to write that regularly either! Hehe..

3) To limit the number of classes I allow myself to miss every quarter. (Yes, I used to miss class a lot) but although its best to not miss any... Sometimes, circumstances do occur. So maybe I can allow myself 1 or 2 missed classes per month, what do u guys think? Hoho..

Alright, that was fun and very spontaneous. It's also a good way to kill time when you don't want to do some reading assignments.. hehehe. Have a good week guys, and maybe share the rest of us your resolutions too. For the heck of it.


kaarbuncle said...

yesw fakhirah, don't miss ur class
hay i found a new resolution for u, what about not sleeping in the class
how's that, huh, huh?
my resolution: be able to do javanese dance cuz it's freaking hard
urmmm what else? owh, trying to cook more complicated food..... n not freaking out when the kitchen is dirty..........

Adilla said...

Every year for the past several years, I have had the same New Year's resolution ... and have never fulfilled it.

So I thought: what the heck, I'll just do it again this year!

It is: EXERCISE (+ get flat tummy).

Oh oh, but this year, I have a new resolution that I'm actually following: Learn how to cook more dishes. Yay!

DJ Flea said...

My resolution:

1) SOLID 6 pack abs.
every year, every quarter same resolution. tapi xpnah tercapai.

2)decent pointer
im not like khalis tapi decent jadi la.

3)more organize life
pressident masa and AGR secretary. kena jadi organize lagi ni.

4)awek cun sorang
bukan isteri. awek. :)

nixcoo said...

Hoho.. apparently i realized the day after i posted the blog that I had missed one class already! it's my stats discussion.....
errghh, there goes my free pass to not go to class this month! :(

and khalis, i have only slept ONCE so far.. and its for my Asian American class... hoho. ok je nak buat tu my new resolution. boleh kot.

Good luck Adilla! Tho i think u really have achieved tat.. the flat tummy, not sure abt the exercise :P

and panjang... yeah, good luck. heheh with no 1, especially. :P

HainanBoy said...

my same resolution since 3 years ago:
-be a good PhD student
and so far I am doing okay at it.

no other resolutions...haha...don't even know if I will be alive the end of this year, so no point making plans so far ahead~

I don't think Adilla's resolution will ever work out, cause she has a gym at her place and she's not using it (I presume) so no chance of her resolution materializing la!

in fact I think all those exercise resolutions won't work, including Flea's, JUST BECAUSE we are such lazy bums.

a tip though: set a target and you may be motivated to work out. what target? the opposite sex--that's the target. hahhaha

oh well, good luck all. still got to work on that tshirt design.

Fiza Pushie said...

My new year's resolution is..o well similar as Adilla I guess.. exercise and be close-to-skinny.

So far I jog every available Sunday morning. But that's not enough. Especially now that, for some unknown reason, I cannot jog as much as I could while I was in Davis. Maybe it's the weather. I'll try to jog more often soon (after I move to my new office next to a lake. whee~).

However, I doubt I will ever fulfill my second resolution (being close-to-skinny). Malaysian food is just too yummy! ha ha ha =P

Aliaa said... resolutions for me. new year's eve was too drama-filled. LOL. maybe i can make up one on the spot: to say what i mean (lots of people just can't pick up hints), but still not be mean (gah...)