Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 3-Day WEEKEND! :D


HEY!!! i get to be a writer now. :)


We are getting a shirt, but the design is somewhat unfinished. I hope Faris and Panjang work on the design soon. *hint hint*

Other than that, there's supposedly a lot of Malaysian Culture Syok updates, but I'll leave that up to Khalis.

Today, being Valentine's Day...I decided to make it my dedicated studying-without-a-laptop day (it's starting at 12:30pm). Anyone have any hot dates tonight? I was too chicken. Hehe.



Khalis Afnan Abdul Rahman said...

i have a date with sinha, my plant bio lecturer~
i'm meeting with her notes tonight at our dining room~
no food nor flowers, though
the only flower ill see is in the life cycle of angiosperms~
omg this is going to be exciting!!!

HainanBoy said...

wow. sounds like a hot date Khalis! good luck, remember to shave and dash yourself with a bit of cologne ar...

I slept the whole day. literally. well, except for a couple of hours in the morning, and I got up around 5pm, so I guess that wasn't really the WHOLE day.

this is the most boring V-day ever for me..haha... tomorrow's reading and writing day (planned), so tomorrow's more exciting!

~aliaa~ said...

wow....i dunno if my hot date can beat yours khalis...i met up with about 5 practice midterms today, but i couldn't handle that much attention, ya know.


Sheedy said...

well i did nothing but stay home and clean.

date with dust mites :D

altho i did ask a girl out, but she was busy. so i cant say i was too chicken haha

Yoong said...

I had a Chinese New Year dinner with Matt's whole family (mom's side). A Chinese New Year dinner on Valentine's Day :( *his grandma picked the date for the dinner*

HainanBoy said...

sigh...sounds like FeiYian was the only one who had something akin to Valentine's Day event..even though hers was family-related, so it wasn't really in the Valentine's spirit either.

what a bunch of losers we are!!!


Sheedy said...

Yoong, wasn't CNY like, a long time ago? like a week or two weeks ago...?

Yoong said...

It was. His grandma picked the date. You know, Valentine's Day does not mean anything to grandma :(