Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the Spring Quarter

Today marks the beginning of Spring Quarter 2009.

For some of us, it's the third quarter of surviving graduate school.

And for some among us, it is the last quarter ever in their undergraduate lives.

Let's make it one hell of a quarter! :D

Happy going to classes, everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Luck ON FINALS!

Good luck on finalsssss!!

Semoga Berjaya.

p/s: Happy belated Pi Day
p/p/s: almost St.Patrick's Day
p/p/p/s: and we had Friday the 13th again this month! wah, so many weird celebrations/days in mid-March.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is worth fighting for?

2000 people marched to the royal palace, in hopes of sending a plea to the king. They wanted change. The strong show of emotion was met by tear-gas, scattering the marchers from their initial purpose.

Wait, let me back up a little. The plea was to use Bahasa Malaysia again to teach math and science, instead of the current way of using English to teach these 2 subjects. The arguments are as old as age: use B.M so that there's a chance of modernizing the language; use English to improve the English-speaking skills of students.

Is this a trivial thing to fight over? What is worth fighting for in your mind?

Here's the article in case anyone is interested: