Monday, July 6, 2009

the jobs are out there dad e-mailed me some stats about the current Malaysian job market...these stats don't look too good, but we all gotta keep our chins up and keep job hunting. I just began today...

Copied directly from the e-mail (granted, I don't know how valid this e-mail was):
1) about 30,111 Malaysians have lost their jobs since last October.
2) According to the Higher Education Ministry’s Graduate Tracer Study, 55.1% of graduates were employed six months after they graduated last year while about 80% secured jobs within the same period in 2007.
3) The good news is that although the outlook for the local employment market remains subdued, companies are still hiring, especially to fill key positions.
4) According to The Star’s job portal Star-Jobs senior executive Joyce Lee, other sectors are also hiring.

Hahah...I went to look at The Star's website, and most job postings are for advertising stuff...

Good luck to us, Class of 09. We might be down, but we're not out of the game yet! I just started, after all.

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